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Two-years of imprisonment for harassing a woman online

Internet and social media have almost dissolved all communication barriers, it has brought us closer. It definitely keeps us connected but it has its downside also. People with bad intentions use it to fulfill their heinous deeds. Recently, at Bidhannagar in Kolkata, a techie has been sent to jail for two years and charged with a fine of Rs 26,000. He used one of the most potent media to dishonour his ex-girlfriend. The techie, Jitender Singh Gerewal has been accused of threatening and extracting money from his ex. A complaint was lodged against him at the Bidhannagar Cyber Cell and this is the first convict. According to reports Jitender created several fake profiles on social media including Instagram and Facebook in order to carry out this crime. Jitender and his former girlfriend, the complainant used to work together in the same company. 

The reports further disclosed that when they were in relation, Jitender forced the woman to show up in compromising positions over the video calls. Jitender used to record the videos, along with taking screenshots. When the woman left the job, Jitender started blackmailing her and threatened her with terrible consequences after the complainant refused to continue with their relationship. The investing officer of this case, Bidit Mondal, is also the OC of the cyber cell. He reported that they filed the charge sheet within two months of taking the accused under custody after an eighteen-day probe. Cybercrimes are rising every passing day, the internet is proving to be both a boon and a curse for us; it has to be handled very carefully.     

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