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Virginity restoring service?

No matter how much we progress at some point we bump into the patriarchal psyche and it feels that we have hit rock bottom again. It doesn’t matter if we have reached the space and moon what matters is that whether or not we are virgin and god forbid if we are not virgin, then the society will leave no stone unturned to shame us, this patriarchal thinking has given rise to the sale of some weird products; for example, a few months back there were reports fake virginity products being sold on one of the leading shopping sites.

There was a huge uproar about it and the shopping site had to take those products down, but these fake virginity products are still sold on some Indian pharmaceutical sites. Another thing that is in high demand in Tamil Nadu, is the hymen reconstruction surgery or hymenoplasty. This surgical procedure is to cause bleeding in women during the post-nuptial intercourse. There are many women who fear social stigma and being shamed by society. They believe that hymenoplasty is their answer to a good married life. There are women whose previous relationship ended and because of belonging to a conservative family they take this huge step of conducting hymen reconstruction surgery. Although the surgeons try to talk them out of it, for the doctors it is the same as repairing any ruptured tissue. Understanding the fear and insecurity with which they are forced to take this measure. 

“We must understand that for young women signing up for the procedure its gravity goes beyond medical reasoning. They’re scared and insecure, because they can’t at that point, be tutoring their fiancés about the myth behind the hymen. They just want to be safe."

Most of the women are aged between 20 to 25 years. The surgery is not a major one, it takes place within an hour and heals within two weeks. The surgeons recommend the women to opt for the surgery two weeks prior to their wedding. Some include women who are getting married for the second time.

One of the surgeons in Chennai revealed that her clients also include women from the middle east, where the stigma is far more serious than in our country. Further speaking about this issue, she says,

"I've also had older teens who have survived sexual abuse coming to us with their parents who fear their children will face trouble after marriage if their hymens are not restored." 

It is just a misconception occupied in the narrow minds of this patriarchal society. Scientifically, the hymen is a membranal structure that can partially, completely or thinly cover the vaginal opening and it can rupture while doing heavy sports or tampon use. Depending solely on the "appearance, elasticity, and the extent to which it covers the vaginal opening”; the virginity of a woman cannot be ascertained.  


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