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Woman from Mumbai inspires us all

In our daily life, we women face a lot of hurdles to achieve our goals. The maximum amount of support and opposition comes from our families, if they support us then there is nothing that can stop us from achieving what we want. Recently a Mumbai woman featured on a renowned website, where she shared her inspiring story. She grew up with a mindset of being independent and the desire to work. This thought of being self-sufficient came from her mother, she too used to work before her marriage and continued working even after that. But it was getting difficult for her “to manage full-time work with home and kids”. One day she came across something that changed her life. She read that women too can get taxi permits, and she didn’t waste a minute to take advantage of this opportunity. She acquired the permit and even passed her driving test. In all this, her husband stood by her side and encouraged her thoroughly. Sharing her experience, she said, 

“I was nervous they’d judge my driving; instead they were shocked! They’d never seen a female taxi driver–one of them got me chocolate after the ride!”She recalled that her first trip was from Lower Parel to Worli with two women. She bought her own taxi and things weren’t as smooth. She faced hostility from a few men in the union but she braved it and she says,“No matter how bad things got, there were always those who supported me; whether it was family, other drivers or even a stranger.”She has been driving for three years; now she is strong and self-sufficient and she has inspired thousands with her story. Her story provides courage to many women who dare to dream.

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