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What is Pink Metro? Start knowing more about Kolkata

The Netaji Bhavan Metro Station is the first ever metro station in the city of joy to have all woman workers. From managing the tickets to housekeeping, the entire thing is managed by a team of 25 women. Saswati Ghosh who is the senior most employee in the squad as well as the superintendent took over all the charges of the entire Metro Station on Woman’s Day.

The women team is looking into a hassle free journey for the passengers and they are even working on a blueprint for a better and smoother functioning of the system. The women team have even stressed on Woman safety.

Netaji Bhavan was the first metro station to start in the city way back in 1984 and it is now 34years Netaji Bhavan again makes itself unique by making it a ‘All women operated Metro Station’ in the city of joy.

Indeed there is nothing that a woman cannot do. From being mothers to running a metro station, a woman can do it all.

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