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What do Tolly celebs have to say on "International Women's Day?"

Did you know that the world has been celebrating women for the past 109 years, since March 1909? Today- 8th of March, women across the world are striking in honour of Women's day. A day without women is a day without air. Women eveywhere even men too are speaking out about it and bestowing their honour. Yes, this day is for Women all across the globe and certainly women are not sitting back at home, they're not taking the day off from work and that's what makes them strong. 

So, let’s celebrate you! And all the other women who have been unnoticed by history ladies take a moment and pat on the back because you do a marvelous job every single day and you never stop. Appreciate your mom, granny, aunt and even your female friends and let them know that you're proud of them

Here are the comment of few Tollywood female celebrities, and their take about Women's Day - 

Actress Esha Saha from the movie "Projapoti Biskut", she stated- “For me 8th of March is a normal day. It's just like another day of the year. I don't recognize it as Women's Day, will be attending a program tomorrow so for me this is just another Thursday.  Neither I believe on 14th February nor 8th March, they are same". 

Actress Manali Dey from the tele series "Bou Kotha Koa", stated- "No, I don't believe in this day, but I am happy that we all have a day across the globe to celebrate womanhood. We can be from different place but this day reminds us that we all are one and we stand tall." 

Actress Anjana Basu from the movie "Ascche Abar shabor", stated- “I believe in women's day, I really do. I feel this day is for me. A lot of pampering will surely make me happy and if I get that amount of love then won't be leaving for work, will stay back at home and be enjoy the fullest." 

 A Happy International Women's Day to every girl out there from Team Jiyo Bangla. 

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