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Use Ice To Get Glowing Skin!

On a hot summer afternoon, no one can deny a glass of cold drink with some ice, or when we get hurt our first instinct is to put some ice, but ice is more than that. Ice proves to be a boon for flawless skin also. There are several reasons to include ice cubes in your beauty regime. Here are a few reasons for you to start using ice cubes in your daily skincare regime.

1.Tired of puffy eyes? Press an ice cube under your eyes for about ten to fifteen minutes; it will help in reducing puffy eyes. 

2.Application of ice cubes on a pimple reduces its size. Ice reduces inflammation by tightening the blood vessels. 

3.We girls go through so much pain to enhance our beauty like waxing and threading. Ice cubes comes to our rescue here also, rubbing ice cubes on the brows and upper lips before threading. This helps in reducing the pain and redness. 

4.To remove dullness and get that instant glow to take some ice cubes in a cotton cloth and lightly massage it on your face. 

5.Although summer has left us but a small tip in advance; apply an ice cube on your sunburns to soothe your skin and reduce the redness.


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