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Use ‘Feet’ Packs This Monsoon

For most of us skincare means taking care of only our face failing to realize that the skin all over the body needs care and requires nourishment. Among all our body parts, our feet are the most neglected one. Monsoon is dirty and full of infections; hence we need to keep our feet clean and take special care of them. Try out these home-made packs to keep your feet healthy.

Many of us apply henna paste on our hair for its good health owing to its healing and antiseptic properties. Henna works well as a pack for your feet. It fights bacteria and cures small cracks and wounds. Mix henna powder with rose water and apply it on your feet. 

Another miracle element is the fuller’s earth or Multani mitti, which is known to improve skin health, boost blood circulation, remove dead skin cells. A paste of Multani mitti mixed with neem powder and lavender oil will keep the feet healthy. 

In addition to applying these pastes never forget to wash your feet after getting home as the dirty water can cause fungal infections. Pat dry your feet and try to keep them moisturized. Just these few steps to keep your feet healthy and beautiful.  


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