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Tips & tricks for a Happy Winter

Winter chills are peeking through the window and it will soon crawl in through the doors and before that happens you need to stay prepared for it. Winter means loads of garments to keep ourselves warm and with that comes a lot of problems. So, be fully prepared to fight the winters with these simple tips and tricks. 

  1. In winter many of our feet sweat a lot and our boots stink like a dead animal. The tight socks and boots do not allow our feet to breathe which is why they stink. Keep a few dry tea bags in the boots overnight. They will absorb both moisture and the bad odour.


  1. Sweaters and warm fabrics can be itchy at times, which can make you uncomfortable. You can make that go away, make a mixture of one hair conditioner to six parts of water and soak the garment in it for about an hour. Rinse it off and air-dry them. 


  1. Increase the longevity of your tights with this simple process. Before putting them on for the first time, run your new tights under cold water, then put them in a zip lock bag and freeze them overnight. Another problem faced in winter is the run in the tights; no worries! That can be handled as well! Just hairspray your tights and get rid of those ugly run-ins.  


  1. We often discard perfectly fine jackets just because of stuck zippers. No matter how much you try the stubborn zippers just won't budge. rub some candle wax or crayon wax on the teeth of the zipper, that will allow the zipper to slide smoothly. 


These are the most common problems faced by everyone. Make sure to try out these hacks before winter arrives full-fledged. 


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