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Those who ‘Overthinks and ‘Over-love’!

To Those who overthink and over-love,

 Relationships are rarely easy for anyone, isn’t it? They are always going to serve as big challenges for people who are looking to make love actually work. But it can be more difficult for the people who ‘overthink’ and ‘over-love’.

Relationships can be outright unbearable when we overthink. It is no secret that overthinking has ruined a lot of relationships. Unfortunately, it’s not something that most people would be able to control. You tend to take notice of the elusive mannerisms and gestures that most other people would just miss. The worst part, you add meaning to things that shouldn’t really have any meaning at all. You overanalyze everything. Your anxiety forces you to conjure up various situation and scenarios in your head that play with your nerves.

Ladies, we just want you to know that everything is going to be Okay! We want you to believe that everything will be just fine and believe us that your worries are not at all concrete. Try not to manufacture your own problems in your life. Seek comfort in the arms of those who love you and Never give up.


Jiyo Woman

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