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The winner: “all-women” squad of KP

In this Durga Puja, a picture got viral on social media, sighting an on-duty traffic sergeant attending a video call. Through the statement, you may think that the person is very inattentive by nature but hold on, just like goddess Durga every mother from the Bengal is an expert in multitasking. As the photo says the traffic sergeant has another role to play in life; maybe she has a child who is waiting for her to get back in the home, but she didn’t get omission from her work. In spite of all these, she is still managing all her responsibility with leniency.

This festive season the ‘all-women’ squad of Kolkata police played a vital role, defeat all sluggish incidents to an utmost extent. The squad was audited overall the city, at pandals, traffic signals, five-points and public places to make it safer for women.

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