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The Perfect Duo

Parineeti Chopra is looking forward to the wedding of her ‘Mimi didi'. She says, “Mimi didi (as she calls Priyanka) needed someone who would appreciate her as a person and not as a star and I think Nick does exactly that. They complement each other. Nick and his family are simple and grounded people”. She called Nick “very cute and chilled out person”. The actress had explained the rituals of marriage to her ‘jijuJonas and told him that if she steals his shoes, he will have to shell out some money. The actress had already negotiated with Nick for 5 million dollars to which he agreed to give 10 dollars. When asked if Priyanka is matchmaking for the younger sister, she blushed and said, “No, she is busy with her life. I have no plans for marriage as yet. I don’t know what kind of guy I want. But I am certain I want a person who will love me for what I am”.

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