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Stand Up For Yourself

No doubt that our nation is progressing day by day. Delhi IIT students recently proved it again. Students at Delhi Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) developed a “stand and pee device” for women so that they can avoid dirty public washrooms). The device is named “Sanfe (Sanitation for female)” which is priced Rs.10 and has been tried and tested at the AIIMS and this product is biodegradable and ergonomically designed which women can also use during their menstruation cycle.

This device has been launched with a #StandUpForYourself campaign under which one lakh samples which they are providing for free of cost and the product will be circulated to women across the country. A B-Tech student and the co-founder of Sanfe said, “Lack of hygiene in public washrooms exposes one out of every two women to Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Concerned by this we innovated this female stand and pee device so that they can maintain a safe distance from the toilet seats and protect themselves from the possibility of getting infected

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