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Shilpa’s Yoga Session on Yoga Day

Yoga is an art of living. It calms the mind and enlightens the soul. 21st June is celebrated as ‘Yoga Day’, throughout the nation. Yoga Day was first celebrated in 2015. Yoga was originated in the Indian subcontinent around 3000 B.C. In addition to having spiritual benefits yoga also cures chronic disorders like diabetes and high blood pressure. The popularity and adoption of this art of living have been accepted by western civilization also. The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi himself encourages the mass to practice yoga. Bollywood celebrities also preach the practice of yoga especially the actresses.

Actress Shilpa Shetty has always actively promoted the idea of wellness and today on world yoga day the actress celebrated it with a yoga session with the CISF, CRPF, NCC cadets and officials at the Gateway of India. In spite of the rain, a lot of people participated in the session, early in the morning. Shilpa shared the video of the event on her Instagram. She spoke about the importance of yoga and said,

“What is important is learning. I’m still learning every day, but since we are celebrating International Yoga Day, I just want to say that its benefits are many. No one has ever turned to yoga and said they have regretted it. First things first, make the start, even if it means today. People wait for an auspicious day to start something new, so today in International Yoga Day, an auspicious day to start yoga.”

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