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Rising Above the Shortcomings

The Right to Equality provides us the basic right to counter discrimination on the grounds of race, caste, sex, religion etc in front of the law. But still inequality prevails in every individual, making each person different from the other through several ways, be it financial, abiding some set of skills or by some physical rarity possessed by a person from their very birth. People with some sort of physical disabilities are often looked down upon or sympathized with their high aspirations and dreams but they are nothing less than the rest of the people.

24 years old, Latheesha Ansari is a woman who was born with a rare bone disorder and added with a respiratory condition which requires oxygen support, but still this never let her limit her dreams of becoming an IAS. With the aspiration of becoming an IAS with an unwavering confidence, she appeared in the UPSC exam on 2nd June. With her complicated health conditions from 'type II Osteogenesis Imperfecta(brittle bone disease) by birth and pulmonary hypertension for a while now made it a challenge for her to appear along with an oxygen cylinder. The IAS aspirant prepared for about 1 and a half year for this examination and the Kottayam District Collector PR Sudheer Babu did not disappoint her either, providing her with a portable oxygen concentrator inside the examination hall, while her parents carrier the oxygen cylinder to the venue. With this little step forward, we are still a long way from providing better facilities to many others battling with rare genetic disorder. The Examination was conducted 72 cities across the nation by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

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