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Rent your way to your dream closet

Almost every woman has the dream of having a closet full of clothes, that dream shatters into pieces when we peek into our wallet. But in America, this can turn into a reality with the introduction of clothing rental services. The service was there for a long time, but now it has been in full bloom. Women are opting for renting clothes rather than actually buying them. Logically, this is more convenient as many times we buy certain clothes for a particular occasion, and after that, it just hangs in one corner of the wardrobe. For such instances renting a dress is more reasonable. There are also places that offer a monthly subscription like ‘Rent the Runway’ (RTR). They have more than 11,000 subscribers, from Victoria Beckham to Philip Lim, they have pieces from all the luxury labels. India too has been inspired by this service, there are websites and places that offer rental clothing service. Although in India it hasn’t gained that much popularity yet. But, seeing the trend it can be said that it will not take much time to catch up. Not only clothes popular Swedish furniture giant ‘IKEA’ but is also sliding to furniture rental service, which is already provided in the United States.

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