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Remembering Mother Teresa on Her 109th Birth Anniversary

A little kindness in this ruthless world is necessary to remind us that we are human and that is empathy is our trait that has nowadays been overpowered by cruelty. There are three kinds of people good, bad and then there is a mother. A mother always wants her child to grow up to be a better person, that is what Dranafile Bojaxhiu also wished for. A kind and empathetic soul herself she wanted her daughter to harbor similar qualities. Her daughter Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu inherited her mother’s compassion and selflessness. At the tender age of 18 Agnes took the most crucial decision of her life and the world was no longer the same after that. She decided to become a nun. Agnes left for Ireland to join the Sisters of Loreto in Dublin. There she took the name of Sister Mary Teresa. Shortly after that in the twentieth century Mary came to India and she taught at St Mary’s School in Calcutta. She was deeply affected by the poverty and sufferings of the people. She devoted her life to taking care of the poor and sick people of Calcutta. Not just Calcutta she dedicated her life serving the poor and destitute around the globe. This earned her the title of ‘Mother’ Teresa. In 1950 she established the Missionaries of Charity with only a few members to serve the people which now has over 4,500 religious ‘Sisters’ across the globe. In 1962 she was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Peace Prize and in 1979 the Nobel Peace Prize. Even today Mother Teresa is regarded as the Symbol of Charity and selfless love. Today on her 109th Birth Anniversary we pay our humble tribute to one of the most selfless person who graced the world.

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