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Ranu Mondal- The New Internet Star

The land of Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore harbors talent in every nook and corner and recently one such talent has been discovered thanks to the social media. Nadia’s Ranu Mondal is a hidden gem whose video has taken the internet by storm. In the video,Ranu is singing the song ‘EkPyar Ka Nagma Hai’, which is originally sung by Lata Mangeshkar. It was 26-year-old Atindra Chakraborty who first heard Ranu singing a song by Mohammad Rafi at the Ranaghat Station. Atindra, who is an engineer was hanging out with his friends at a tea stall on platform No. 6. At that time a Rafi song was playing in the radio, and they heard the lady humming to the tune, as she sat on the platform floor. Atindra then asked her if she could sing something for them. He recorded a song on her mobile which surprised them. Atindra then uploaded the video on Facebook which was then shared by a page and then the rest is history. Her video has already crossed 4 million views.


The Facebook page informed that he received a makeover after her video went viral. Ranu was born in Krishnagar, after losing her mother at a young age she spent most of her childhood in Ranaghat at her aunt’s place. She got married at the age of 19 to her neighbour Bablu Mondal, and they went to Mumbai in search of a living. Suffering from depression Ranureturned to Ranaghat about a decade ago. She lives here alone in poverty, Ranu says,

From my childhood, I had a passion for listening to music and singing along. Although I liked Mohammad Rafi and Mukeshji's songs, it was Lata Mangeshkar who inspired me a lot. I could relate to her singing and the melody always touched my heart."

Her short video has won many people’s hearts, she is also getting offers to record her own music album from Kolkata, Mumbai, Kerala, and Bangladesh. It even reached the district administration and the Block Development Officer has guaranteed assistance to her.

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