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Pseudocyesis:What it is actually!

Being a mother, carrying another human in your womb is the biggest form of joy any woman can experience in her life. A woman grows a life-form within her that brings in a lot of change in her both physically and emotionally. They experience nausea, morning sickness during the initial stage of pregnancy but sometimes having these experiences doesn’t necessarily mean you are pregnant. The woman's body can experience the signs of pregnancy without being pregnant, the condition is called 'pseudocyesis' or ‘phantom pregnancy’. It’s a very rare case and there is about only one case in a year. Women with depression, multiple miscarriages, child loss or inability to conceive may result in this condition. This can last for months or even years. It can also happen if a woman strongly desires to be pregnant or is the result of dissociative disorder where the patient goes into a different mental state with the rest of their thinking remaining sane. Few of its symptoms include fatigue, nausea, enlarged breasts, weight gain, feeling the movement of the fetus. This can also happen due to an ovarian tumor. If it is not tumor it is unbelievable how our brain can create these symptoms. 

The patient should be taken to a psychologist or psychiatrist. In this situation she requires her partner, family and doctor’s support, as she refused to believe that she is not pregnant. And if the patient is diagnosed with ovarian cancer then immediate treatment should be done.

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