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Pretty Woman’s Pretty Thought

June is a month of summer and of rainbows. It is celebrated as the LGBT pride month to commemorate the Stonewall riots that took place in June in 1969. The LGBT community has been struggling over the years for their rights and equality. With time the world is starting to leave behind their phobia and accept the LGBT community. Last year the Supreme Court of India decriminalized Article 377 that stated homosexuality as a crime. These are the small steps towards the change and making the world a safe place for everyone. Many eminent personalities have actively raised their voice for the gay community. 

Hollywood’s “Pretty Woman” aka Julia Roberts is a strong advocate of the LGBT community. Recently at the 2014 Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (Glsen) she said that “little moments of joy can make someone day”. the occasion was Glsen’s Annual Respect Awards. The 51-year-old actress uses social media as her voice for the noble cause. She has partnered with the Glsen previously as well on her 49th birthday. 

At the programme, Roberts shared a piece of her thought and says,

“What is the point if one is not kind, does not have unconditional love and generosity towards the other? What is the point of a day that doesn’t have some kind of positive feeling. I couldn’t get through the day if my kids didn’t turn to me at some point and say, “I love your earrings.”

A few days back she shared a selfie of her outside bathroom with the “Gender Neutral Restroom” sign. The caption on the picture read; “I wish they all said this”. 


The fight is hard and long but humanity is winning slowly and hopefully, there will be peace and equality for all.

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