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PCOS: the pivotal problem for women

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome has always been a crucial topic when it comes to women health. Over decades, women are struggling through this issue which causes different problems like acne, hirsutism, obesity, hair loss, which takes a toll on their confidence and their self-esteem. Women of age 15 to 30 years are prone to this vital issue. PCOS also affects the reproductive system of a women body which may lead to pivotal problem likes infertility, irregular menstrual cycle. This can also cause hormonal dis-balance in a women body.

Skin related issues are common for the people suffering from PCOS. But this problem has a solution and effective measures can be taken into consideration to over this problem. High protein food, avoiding oily and junk food, proper exercise regime, and a healthy diet can lessen the risk of PCO. To battle against skin problems, a proper skin care regime should be included in our daily routine. It includes of application of appropriate facewash and cream matching our skin type, and keeping ourselves stress free to avoid problems like acne.

Managing your acne problems:

In order to keep our skin healthy and acne free, chemical free moisturizers should be applied on our skin to keep it smooth and fresh. Different creams are sold in market which helps in controlling the sebaceous glands and restrain acne burst out. Black Peel Treatment is highly popular these days which is an organic peel consisting black rice as the main ingredient. This treatment is used in removing active acne and also prevents redness and swelling caused by acne which can leave black marks on our face.

Controlling Hirsutism:

Women suffering from PCO can suffer hirsutism which is excess growth of unwanted hairs in an individual body. Laser hair remover are considered to be one of the effective method of hair removing process and suggested by the dermatologists too. In 2007, a Turkish publication published a journal which said that drinking a cup of spearmint tea per day can help in reducing the growth of excessive hairs in women.

Tips to prevent PCOS:

1.A workout regime of 30 minutes should be included in your daily routine for atleast 3 days per week.

2.Loosing excess fat from your body helps you to prevent the problem of PCO.

3.Switch yourself towards a healthy diet and include the intake of protein and omega 3 supplements like chia seeds, walnuts

These effective methods can help you in overcoming your problems making your body and skin heathier and glowing.


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