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Not Just Women Men Suffer Too

Recently, the world was taken by the #MeToo storm, actresses came out in the open and discussed about the sexual harassments faced by them in the industry. But is it only limited to women? To fulfil certain dreams women have to compromise but what about men? Do they get everything served on their plate? Is gender the main issue? Not really, a toxic person when comes in power tends to misuse it and ends up abusing weak. Lately, one such incident came into the limelight, model Josh Kloss accused singer Katy Perry of sexual harassment. Supposedly, this took place almost a decade back when Perry pulled his trousers and underwear in front of a group of people at a mutual friend’s birthday party. He featured in the video of Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ as her love interest. The model expressed that he felt ‘pathetic and embarrassed’, on top of that Kloss was manipulated by her team and was paid just £540. He further wrote,

I just say this now because our culture is set on proving men of power are perverse. But females with power are just digusting.

Taking lessons from all these stories we can tell that both men and women can become prey to sexual predators. Its not the gender rather the status, power and money that exploits the ones lacking all of these.

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