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No coffee for women

The research was on for a long time and finally, things seem to come to a probable conclusion. According to the researchers, women should not drink too much coffee as this contains a high amount of caffeine in it. The doctors have diagnosed a number of gynaecological problems but the cause had remained unknown for years. The three reasons that stood out to be more prominent are as follows:

-It is the responsibility of the genes to determine your metabolism rate of the caffeine. If you are prone to slower metabolism, then you can suffer from a heart attack for consuming too much coffee.

-Caffeine is one of the vital reasons for developing cysts in the ovaries and breasts. It can lead to PCOS, endometriosis fibroids, ovarian cysts, and fibrocystic breasts.

-The caffeine present in the coffee can increase your infertility rate and as the graph projects, nobody wants to deny virility.

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