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‘Mind the Gap’ or don’t?

The talented filmmaker Ananya Das has recently made a short film titled ‘Mind the Gap’.

Ananya’s film highlights the effects of Bangladesh’s Liberation War, which happened back in 1971. The film starts with two characters, a girl and a boy of South Asian origin, who have come know each other through social media platform; they agree to go out on a date for the first time in London. Spend a lovely time together but soon their conversation turns bitter as truths from the past about their country betwixt in their conversation. Things turn ugly on the second half. Later, the two characters in the film realize that there are few things in life that cannot be changed as our history is a part of who we are. This film will make you realize that the political unrest left a disastrous effect on many lives in Bangladesh.The movie has a simple and fresh concept which brings out the dirt from the past and makes you look past it.

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