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Mexico opens its doors to the trans-community

Over the years, the world has started to accept the LGBTQ community; after a long fight and years of struggle, they can now finally be themselves in front of the world. There are countries with an orthodox and rigid mindset that fails to accept gender fluidity. Then there comes Mexico where around 261 transgender women were killed from 2013 to 2018. In the midst of such extreme conditions, Mexico thought of organizing a transgender beauty pageant. 2019’s pageant was the second edition of this beauty pageant. The main objective behind the pageant is to make transgender women more visible and accepted in Mexican society. 21 transgender women represented different Mexican states. The pageant was a three-part competition judged on a bikini, regional and formal wear. The pageant was held in July this year, Ivanna Cazares from the Mexican state of Colima won the competition and was crowned Miss Trans Beauty Mexico 2019. While Ivanna got the first place, Miss Baja California and Miss Mexico City secured the second and third place respectively. Cazares has a degree in communications and owns a beauty salon. She shares that she depended on her family while going through her transition and the most difficult part of the process was getting accepted by others. After her glorious win, Cazares says that they want to bring a message to society of respect for the trans girls of Mexico. 

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