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Kim K won’t be wearing a Kimono anytime soon

Kim Kardashian recently announced the launch of her new shapewear line, named "kimono solution wear". It caused an uproar, mostly among Japanese people, and the hashtag #kimohno started to go viral. Even a mayor of Japan has written an open letter to Kim that one should not monopolize on some other cultures tradition. Mayor, Daisaku Kadokawa believes that Kimono is  " fruit of craftsmanship and truly symbolizes a sense of beauty, spirits, and values of Japanese."


Fortunately, the massive uproar made Kim K change the name but the fashion expert can foresee that this particular product won’t be selling in Japan!


What people tend to forget is that, 1: Kim is studying Law herself; 2: She has a massive team of lawyers working for her 24x7; 3: Her PR Team and Kris Jenner herself are marketing gods! All this controversy has gained Kim K a lot of attention on her Social Media platforms and what she did with this new crowd giving her attention? Launched a new makeup line!

So fire! Isn’t it?


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