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Jolly and Mishra will prove India is safe for women

Meet Elby Jolly and Harsha Mishra, two young ladies from Gujarat.

21 year old Elby and 19 year old Harsha started their pan-India bike tour on July 31 this year from Lucknow, they aim to travel across all 29 states and prove that India is a safe place for women. If they manage to complete what they are calling ‘Safar-E-Hindustan’, these two young women will become the youngest Bikers in India to perform such a feat.


They have already covered 12,000 km and intend to cover 13,000 km more. These two ladies have already been to West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and seven northern states. The brave girls meet each other in February 2018 and took an important step to travel all over India. Moreover, the girls are spreading the message about women’s safety, suicide awareness and road safety. Their main motive is to carry the legacy of deceased biker Sana Iqbal.

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