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Isolate customs not women

Menstruation is the shedding of the lining of the womb that occurs every month, it is known to every person who has studied biology. Although it is a completely biological process, people do not fail to associate it with religion and superstition thereby following some ridiculous customs. According to the Draconian rules, women are not allowed to touch food, source of water, trees and plants, and to see the sun. They are not even allowed to talk to men. In Nepal when women get their first period had to follow all these rules and also, they had to stay away from their house to an isolated hut for 12 days. 


According to the Nepalese Hindu tradition women who get their period for the first time are considered as impure. They are banished to isolated hut or even to cattle sheds sometimes. The laws are a bit relaxed in the capital, where girls are detained in their bedrooms only. But the life of the women in the interior parts of the country is very hard. The women have to go to the interiors far from home into the fields to urinate, wash and defecate without any protection or enforcement. There is always the risk of attack and assault.


Finally, in 2017 the Nepal government introduced a law to protect women from such brutality. The law criminalizes the age-old practice of sending away women from their home during their periods. Because of this ludicrous ritual, a few girls lost their lives while being in isolation. As stated by the new law a three-month jail or a fine of Rs. 3000 or both for anyone who forces a woman to follow the custom. The law reads,

A woman during her menstruation or post-natal state should not be kept in chhaupadi or treated with any kind of similar discrimination or untouchable and inhuman behavior.


Women face a lot of discrimination owing to the menstrual cycle, the customs are insanely illogical and absurd. Every governing body where this kind of customs are followed should take a leaf out of Nepal’s page and ban such practice immediately and if required should impose harsher punishments. 

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