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Is there a life beyond death?

What lies beyond death? Is there anything called life after death? These are a few questions we will never get to know. But a woman from Arizona knows what lies after death. In 2018, a woman named Tina Hines suffered a massive heart attack, her eyes didn't close but they rolled back in her head. She turned purple, was not making any noise or breathing. Her husband successfully resuscitated her before the paramedic arrived, but she was continuously slipping while on her way to the hospital. A firefighter said that they had to shock her three times on the scene and two times on the way. When she woke up after that she asked for a pen and paper. To everyone's dismay, she wrote on it, "it's real''. When asked about is she pointed up to heaven with tears in her eyes. Recalling her visions she said it was so real and the colors were so vibrant, Tina also said she saw Jesus in front of the black gates with a bright yellow glow behind him. As a reminder of Tina's journey, her niece marked the incident on her with permanent ink as she says it gave her a "tangibleness to an eternal hope that is not too far away."  Tina was discharged from the hospital soon after that, Maddie shared the picture of her tattoo on social media with this story that garnered a lot of positive response.      


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