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Is it even real life?

Do you know the world uploads some 1.8 billion photos each day? Each day! Can you believethat. Wait does that mean we have 1.8 billion picture-worthy moments every day in the world? Of course not. Life, as we know it today is not in the moments. We tend to choose our memories depending on their photo-worthiness.

A picture is worth a thousand memories, but no one confesses about the heavy amount of edit we opt to make us look ‘different’. Starting from a coffee cup, morning sunrise, destination notification, cats, the weather and selfies… all of our ‘moments’revolves around likes, comments,and shares. The evolution of technology made the DSLR into a pocket-size gadget, touchscreen phones into a living album. With time we have become slaves of our own memories. Not a day, we ask others to decide our travel destination. Even a wedding’s success is measured by the number of likes. Our lives are dictated by our phones and social media.

Wait for a moment and realize do picture perfect moments make your life perfect? According to Photographer Diyali Das, “Just to socialize our self we click pictures and not to create memories.”  We have failed to live at the moment . Rather than finding our happiness, we place the shutterbug at the ‘right’ angle just to make us ‘valued’ in society. If no one ‘liked’ it, it wasn’t a good moment. If it isn’tinstragramable it wasn’t worthy enough. According to science, a group of researchers says ‘ditch the camera for better memories.’

Wait, think for a while… is it really worthy enough to post those pictures and attracting the virtual crowd that we don’t even know ?

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