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How these Ahmedabad women are saving lives!

A mother’s milk is very essential for newborn babies. Unfortunately, sometimes women fail to provide milk to them owing to sickness or some medical condition. A mother will always be a mother, there are women who donate their breast milk that comes in aid to those mothers. In Ahmedabad, around 250 women got together to donate 90 litres of breast milk to help save premature babies. Among them is 29-year-old Rushina Doctor Marfatia, who donated 12 litres of her breast milk. Rushina recently gave birth to her baby boy and after that, she realized that she was producing more milk than her child could feed on; that’s when she decided to donate. These women who donated their breast milk were a part of Arpan MOM bank. One of the senior neonatologists, Dr. Ashish Mehta of the Arpan Newborn Care Centre said that Rushina’s milk worked as an elixir for the fragile babies weighing between 600gm and 1.5kg. Babies weighing between this range are more susceptible to infections. Posts on social media promoting this deed inspired another woman to donate her breast milk. That woman donated 20 ml of milk that saved the life of a sick premature baby at a private hospital. This gesture went on to save the life of many babies and will continue to do so in the future as well.  


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