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How Noida’s ‘Zero Waste Project’ Changed Life!

In India there are countless temples and every day tons of flowers are used to worship the deities in these temples across the country. These flowers are disposed of in the water bodies as per ancient beliefs. The disposal of flowers in the water bodies just adds up to water pollution. In Delhi, Noida came up with a brilliant idea to tackle this flower situation and make something useful out of it. The Noida Authority came up with the venture ‘Zero Waste Project’. They collaborated with NGOs working with destitute women who recycle these floral wastes into organic colors, incense sticks, and compost. Everyday women of these NGOs who are trained in flower recycling transform the flowers into colors of Holi, agarbatti and a compost. This has opened a door of hope for women who have given up in their lives. This has brought a ray of optimism, for both the women and the dying water-bodies. The flowers are transported by the authority’s horticulture department from around half a dozen temples in the area to the NGOs that are involved with this work. They have also shared that they are willing to work on similar projects and initiatives.

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