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How Anoushka Coped with Hysterectomy!

Study shows after cesarean section, hysterectomy is one of the most common surgeries performed in many countries. What is hysterectomy? It is a surgical procedure where the uterus or womb is removed, it is performed as a measure of treatment of uterine fibroids, cancer or severe pre-cancers. If a woman undergoes a hysterectomy then she can never birth a child. Many women go through this surgery every year but not many openly discuss it. Recently renowned Sitar player Anoushka Shankar posted a note on the social media sharing the news of having a hysterectomy and her thoughts regarding the same. She tilted her post ‘LADY BITS, by Anoushka Shankar’, she further added, “Swipe to read about why I no longer have a uterus, and why I decided to tell you.”

Her note read,

As of last month, I no longer have a uterus. I had a double surgery: a gynecological-oncologist performed a hysterectomy due to my large fibroids, which made my uterus as big as if it were six months pregnant, and an incredible surgeon removed multiple further tumors from my abdomen (which I blessedly then heard were all benign). One tumor had grown through my muscles and was visibly protruding from my stomach. There were 13 tumors in all.”

Like any other person, Anoushka too got depressed after discovering her illness and was worried about kids. In her note, she expressed that phase of her life also, where she wrote,

“When I found out a few months ago that I needed to have my uterus taken out, I went into a short-term depression. The news triggered fears about my womanliness, my possible desire to have more children in the future, the fear of dying in surgery and leaving my kids without a mother, the effect the changes may have on my sex life and more. I spoke to friends and family about my news and was shocked to discover how many women had had hysterectomies although I’d never known they had.”

Read the complete note here on her twitter handle,

 LADY BITS, by Anoushka Shankar 

(Swipe to read about why I no longer have a uterus, and why I decided to tell you) pic.twitter.com/60laJGTWTg

— Anoushka Shankar (@ShankarAnoushka) August 30, 2019

Anoushka Shankar was married to British Film Director Joe Wright and they have two children. The couple got separated last year. She is successful in her career and sharing this hard phase of her life will prove to be an inspiration and motivation for many.   

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