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How a mother tricks her child!

Raising a kid is no piece of cake. They cannot be left alone for even a moment not only because it is unsafe but also a child gets disturbed when he/she doesn’t find his/her parents around especially their mother. Even we adults look for our mother as soon as we get back home; at least most of us do, and then a child is completely dependent on their mother. A mother gets completely restless and tired after one or two years of the baby’s birth. A woman in Japan found a brilliant idea of tackling her one-year-old and stopping him from crying every time she is out of his sight. This woman called Fuki Sato came up with this great idea of duping her child into thinking she’s there. Sato used life-sized cutouts of herself to trick her son into believing she was there. The toddler’s dad Sato Nezi shared pictures and videos on the social media platform. In one of the videos, Fuki can be seen placing a cut out before leaving the house. To be more believable Fuki used two cut-outs one in which she’s standing and the other in which she’s kneeling. Nezi and Fuki made sure that the cutouts are out of the child’s reach. The boy can be seen playing peacefully with his toys with the cutouts in the background. Check out the pictures and video for yourself.

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