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Hashtag ‘Glasses are Forbidden’!

Several companies have several rules and regulations, especially when it comes to women certain companies maintain stricter rules that are sometimes quite absurd. Recently in Japan protest against one such absurd rule is making rounds. In Japan, women are protesting against employers’ ban on wearing glasses at work for female workers. Last week it was trending on twitter with the hashtag ‘glasses ban’ or ‘glasses are forbidden’. As the topic started trending, many female workers came forward, sharing their experiences. In one such tweet, a woman who works in restaurants tweeted that her employer repeatedly told her not to wear glasses at work as it would appear rude and they didn’t go with her attire of traditional kimono. Japan director at Human Rights Watch Kanae Doi expressed,

If the rules prohibit only women to wear glasses, this is a discrimination against women,”

The trending news of this protest came in front after Japan’s Nippon TV aired a story about companies that needed their female employees to wear contact lenses instead of glasses. It is not the first time Japan is in the midst of such a protest. Earlier this year there was a protest against companies to stop forcing female workers to wear high heels at work. The protest came to be known as the #kutoo movement, which was started by a Japanese actress. In response to which a Japanese minister said dress code expectations were “necessary and appropriate”. Regarding this matter there has been no news from the government officials, only the labor ministry official over the phone said that he wasn’t aware of the protest.  


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