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“Greenhouse” for your skin!

Skincare routines have evolved considerably, researchers are continuously developing skincare products so that people have flawless skin. After the Korean skincare routine, skin fasting and others; Japan has now developed yet another skincare product. Recently a cosmetics company in Japan unveiled the first of its kind spray-on skin face mask. It is the first of its kind in the world. It is a moisturizing face mask made of fibers one-hundredth the thickness of a human hair. It forms a translucent layer on the skin acting as a greenhouse for the actual skin allowing it to soak up the moisture and still be able to breathe. 


First, an absorbent lotion needs to be applied then spray the fibers on the face which turns into a translucent sheet. The users can wear it overnight and remove it the following morning or they can peel it off just after about a minute. The firm responsible for this innovative skincare product is Kao and the researcher behind it is Masayuki Uchiyama. Uchiyama revealed that the diffuser was ten years in the making as they were struggling to make the device small. Using the technology of ultra-thin fibers to create a layer on the skin was never on the list of Kao researchers. But eventually, they discovered that the skin can still breathe under the thin fibers for several hours. This diffuser costs around 50, 000 yen, that is the US $460. Uchiyama hopes that this technology could be used to cover scars or to create an invisible medical patch. Although, similar technologies already exist they involve using cells or polymer whereas this technology is completely different from them. Kao’s technology is focused on fibers, are more flexible and hard to break. 


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