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Everything just in one place: The Dolly’s Teashop

Guess what, we have discovered the best place for the people of Bengal to consume one of their favourite beverages i.e tea. Not just one flavour or type, but you have at least 60 types of hot or cold tea. Isn't it interesting to know that the first women tea taster, Dolly Roy, has opened a café named Dolly’s - The Tea Shop in Dhakuria. So if you want to spend a pleasant time with your friends then this is the right place for you. This café is different from other cafes for multiple reasons. Like it has a beautiful green and white canopy, dangling lights, wood structured look, all these give the café a distinct look.

You will be happy to know that the staff of this café is very welcoming and friendly. They have been working here for at least 20 years and sometimes they call themselves Team India.

In the category of hot tea, you can get Spiced Lemon Tea, Spiced Ginger Tea, and Kashmiri Kawa while for cold tea, you have various other cool choices like Orange and Mint Tea Julep. It fascinating to see and drink such cool stuff.

Dolly Roy, no doubt has a creative head that can mix and match the flavours to give her customers a new taste. This new type of tea, known as Fuchka Tea, is made by using tamarind water and the Green tender coconut!

 But having the tea without any side dish might be not filling. That is why the café has listed some sandwiches on their menu, which you will enjoy while sipping on the tea. To name a few, there The Club Ham sandwich and Corn and Veg Cheesy Sandwich.

This place is unlike others because it has some storybooks that are not found most of the time. So, the basic idea is that even if you are visiting the café alone, you can grab your cup of tea and flip through the pages of the book and spend a wonderful evening.

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