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Effective ways to control impulse shopping

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If you have ever started off the month with the best of intentions to save money – buying only what you need, saving a hefty amount for yourself and trying to watch your spending? And then, despite your best efforts, you spend the money at the end of the month you’re left with nothing. There are many reasons why we overspend. And you’re not rich anymore. Don't beat yourself up, well it happens to all of us. So, before you get your next paycheck and wonder how to stop spending money, read on for some of the best tips around!

  • Just try to track your spending.
  • Stick to cash and simply stay away from your credit card.
  • Set short-financial Goals.
  • Forget your Credit Card -Literally and Figuratively.
  • Want and Need are two different terms, try to understand them.
  • Record your Purchases.
  • Stop buying unnecessary cosmetic items.
  • Going out to Eat? You shouldn’t.
  • Book your upcoming travel.
  • Make a plan before you spend your calculated money.

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