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Dreams Came True for this Purulia Girl

Purulia resident Abhinanda Ghosh is on cloud nine now as one of her dreams is about to come true. And what is that? She is going to visit the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). It’s a dream for every space enthusiast and wannabe astronauts; Abhinanda is also among them. She is fascinated by the sky, space and everything out there. Abhinanda is a class IX student who lives in Telkolpara in Purulia district. Abhinanda is a very sincere student with a stubborn attitude who doesn’t give up easily. Since class IV she has been participating in International Science Olympiad Examinations which three levels. This year Abhinanda cleared all the three levels and won trip to NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre


The first level of the Olympiad saw 1.8 million students competing from around the world. Abhinanda cleared the first phase and went on to top the second level. She even did well in third level that had physics, chemistry, biology, and reasoning. The examination was organized by an international organization, which along with NASA is sponsoring this science trip. The exam was held in Delhi earlier this month and on 15th the school received the news about Abhinanda from the organization. Both her parents are English teachers in different schools and are naturally very proud of their daughter. Abhinanda likes reading science novels and is keen on space and science research.

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