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Do you swear a lot?

We are the ones who are able to look at the world in a very unique and profound manner. Not to mention the human species have eccentric minds that allow us to conjure thoughts that might be impossible for another species to conceive.

New research state, smart people are very good at hurling a few creative swear words often. Now, don’t raise your eyebrows. You might think it’s mostly the dumb logic ever. But science seems to suggest that smartest of us are actually addicted to swearing a lot. According to a psychiatrist, those who use creative swear words more tend to have humongous stock in vocabulary and fluency. Even those who use taboo words are more comfortable expressing their feelings and emotions. They are likely the most honest people you can ever meet in life, never lose them! If you’re one of them who swear a lot, then we pray your pals to know your worth.

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