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Defying Traditions Love Stands Tall

Love knows no boundaries, no one knows when, where and with whom you will fall in love. The world is gradually starting to understand that. Last year the Supreme Court of India took the historical decision by decriminalizing Article 377 and last month the world celebrated the gay pride month. Recently, in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh two cousin sisters defied the societal norms and sealed their love with marriage. Both the girls are residents of Rohaniya. They tied the knot at a Shiva temple on Wednesday. The priest was reluctant at first but gave up ultimately when the girls kept sitting inside the temple and refused to leave. 


The girls were wearing jeans and a t-shirt and a ‘red chunni’ when they got married. The spectators at the temple watched the entire ritual in complete awe and surprise. The couple even shared their pic after marriage on the social media platform. The priest was even criticized by some people. Later the priest told the reporters that one of them is from Kanpur who came here for her studies and stayed with her cousin. The social stigma is still there and there have been cases where same-sex couples asked for police protection after their families denied their marriage. No matter how much the conventional people oppose they cannot stop them from coming out and express their love freely. These incidents are proofs that love conquers all.

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