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Dancer shot at a wedding!

In many Bollywood movies, we have seen the bride and groom being forced to get married on gunpoint. We have also heard that movies and serials are somewhat inspired by real-life incidents. Recently an incident in Uttar Pradesh is like straight out of a Bollywood movie. On 1st December during a wedding celebration, a violent incident took place, and its video went viral on the internet. At the function, two women are seen dancing on a stage. Then she pauses for a while, following that a gunshot is heard and the woman falls down holding her face. Just before the gunshot, it can be heard someone saying ‘goli chal jayegi’. The 22-year-old dancer who got shot suffered an injury to her jaw but is out of danger. Two others were injured in this incident and the police said that the suspect is on the run. Although, carrying guns to a wedding is not an unusual sight in our country. Many guests carry guns to weddings; they mostly fire guns in the air to celebrate the occasion. Back in 2016, a pregnant lady in Punjab was shot in the stomach while performing a dance and she died. It also took place at a wedding.


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