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Colour your summer with these shades

Summer is here and it is all about vacations, beaches, and vibrant colors. In earlier days it was recommended to wear only white or light-colored clothes but in these times and age, fashion plays a very important role. The sun is so bright and shiny that it makes us want to wear beautiful colors and play with them. Here are a few colors that are must-haves for summer. This year there has been a new addition; which you will get to know at the end of this article.

  1. Mint adds a pop of color to your wardrobe looks great on medium to light skin.
  2. The color mustard makes everything brighter on a sunny day.
  3. Orange or tangerine ups the style quotient and gives tough competition to shining star in the sky.

These are few of the colors to add to your wardrobe this summer along with the classic white that is a constant in every season. Another color that seems to be a favorite of many celebs this year is off-white. If white is too white for you and you are not comfortable sporting them then go for off-white. With a dash of color make your summers fun and exciting.

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