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Chopped manes to Support Cancer Patients

Our hair forms a vital role in our body, it shapes our look. There are people who are obsessed with their hair. Recently Bollywood is also making movies like 'Bala' and 'Ujda Chaman' which revolves around the subject of hair loss. In the midst of all these, we find a police officer in Kerala's Thrissur, Aparna Lavakumar who chopped off her hair in support of cancer patients. In 2016 during one of the awareness sessions on personal safety she met with a 10-year old cancer survivor, who lost his hair as a side-effect of chemotherapy. She was touched by his story and felt bad about the way people mocked him for having no hair. Aparna grew inquisitive about the cancer survivors and wanted to know more about them and she got to know more about them from the boy's teacher. The boy's teacher revealed that young cancer survivors find it hard going back to school because of the visible damage caused by cancer treatment. They fear of being ridiculed by others. Even after three years of her encounter with the young cancer survivor Aparna didn't forget him. Back in 2016, when she first met the boy she chopped of few inches of her hair and donated it to a local charity for them to make wigs for the patients. 

But now she wanted to do more, and this time she completely shaved her hair. A video of Aparna getting her head shaved by a hairdresser was all over the social media. Aparna has been getting calls from several people for her act of kindness. There have incidents of quite a few kind souls like Aparna who support the cancer patients or survivors by giving up their hair, this kind of act provides moral and emotional support to cancer survivors who have won the most dreadful battle, the battle of life and death.

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