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Chennai’s Female Auto Driver

It's not safe for women to travel alone at night, we women have heard this at least a hundred times in our lives, but that did not suppress us from going after our dreams and ambitions. With time things have started lookup with the rise of pink cabs and all in different states. But then again there are not many women taxi drivers yet and taking a cab or auto is still very risky. In Chennai there is a lady knight in shining armor who ferries women safely to their destinations at night, just give her a call. PV Raji Ashok or Raji Akka as she is called by everyone has been driving auto for the past 20-years. Raji, who is originally from Palakkad Kerala used to work as an accountant at a travel agency in Coimbatore. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, she fell in love with an auto driver from the village. They got married later and shifted to Coimbatore where both of them were employed and lived happily till 1998. In 1998 a terrible bomb blast in the city claimed about 60 lives. After that tragic event, they moved to Chennai where despite her qualifications and experience Raji was facing difficulties in getting a job.

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