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Campaign Promoting Eco-friendly Period tools

Climate change is real and it is clearly visible to everyone, it's getting worse day by day. People around the world are taking this issue seriously finally and several environmentalists and organizations are actively participating in conserving the environment. But every small step starts at your doorstep, the sanitary napkins used by women are comprised of 90% of plastic. These used pads when disposed of, clog drainage systems and water bodies. Fridays for Future Group Kolkata organized a campaign on raising awareness about the use of menstrual cups and cotton pads instead of regular sanitary pads. Menstrual cups can be washed and reused multiple times. This will reduce the use of plastic and hence help in conserving nature.  It is still a taboo in India to talk about menstruation in open which reflected in this campaign that took place in New Market, Kolkata. Few curious souls came forward to ask about what and how's of menstrual cups. Will these cups cause any physical harm or not. Explaining the concept of menstrual cups they assured that these do not harm the hymen in any way. The price of menstrual cups varies in the range between Rs 300 and Rs 1800. The menstrual cups can be used again after being thoroughly cleaned with water. In the long run, the menstrual cups are more reasonable and they do not harm the environment also; so overall it's a complete win-win situation.  

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