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Bird Box: A worthy tale of Motherhood!

Motherhood’ such a tough job to accomplish. A lady who not only takes care of her children, she makes sure her kids stay unharmed. Her offspring are the apple of her eye and why won’t it be? She carried them for 9 months, let the fetus grow and endured the excruciating pain while giving birth.  

Speaking about Motherhood, Netflix’s latest thriller ‘Bird Box’ is about scary monsters who create havoc on Earth, but this movie’s central concern seems to be the idea of motherhood and how she protects her kids from this grave danger. It all started with Malorie’s pregnancy, who later trained her children to keep their eyes closed and use their other senses. Training them to be prepared for the worst.

The movie ‘Bird Box’ is not all about macabre and gore deaths, but it's about motherhood which is rare to be seen. In a world of increasing economic anxiety, intensive parenting is the only way out. Not every time compassion will help to overcome fear, sometimes one requires harsh rules to avoid the negative force.

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