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Barnali Khan: celebrating her womanhood as special educator

Have you ever thought that one differently able kid at home can change your entire life? Yes, it does but can you conjure up a thought that one single woman educating a number of physically challenged kids and she has taken due initiative to hone the inner flairs they possess.

I am talking about Barnali Khan, a girl of just 22 years. She teaches the students of Sangbedan, an NGO that takes care of the kids who are mentally challenged or differently able. Barnali is a special educator in this NGO for a long time and she takes pleasure in bringing out the talents from these children. She believes, “if anything is explained to the children with proper care then nothing is more beautiful than that, same goes with the special children. They are very nice to deal with.” Barnali was asked if she feels that being a woman has stopped her from doing few things but she added, “though her inspiration is her father, she never feels that being a woman is difficult in this field, if there is a will there is always a way.”


Most of them are good singers and they can play any musical instruments without looking at the right chords. All they can do is just feel the strings and play the notes. Women and Child welfare minister Smt. Shashi Panja motivates these students every now and then and entertains their every call. And Barnali is inspiring the special children to embellish our society in a different way. Kudos to her from team Jiyo Bangla this Women’s Day!

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