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“At first I had to learn the entire braille system to teach the special kids” Moumita Sarkar

Moumita Sarkar, a woman of today who thinks that if there is something that a woman is lagging behind is only the physical aspects. Otherwise, there is nothing in this world that can drag a woman down and stop her achieving her goals. She is a special educator for the blind children in a NGO. She takes pride to be a part of these special children as she learnt a lot of things from them. She herself learnt braille system so that she can teach them without a glitch. The blind kids do not have visual capabilities rather they feel more than they do anything else. So it is interesting to know how things run inside them.

“I am preparing them to sit for the competitive exams and they are working on it pretty hard. Most of the times they are not allowed to sit for these exams but I feel many of them can come out with good results” says Moumita

“If you are asked that who is your inspiration then every child says, ‘My mother, very few utters that it is my father because a mother influences a child more than anyone else. That is in fact the real success of being a woman’” She added.

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