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Are you in love with Pink? Then fly down to Bermuda

If you want to see a city painted ‘Pink’, then fly down to Bermuda. Millennial pink may be a trend in another city for now, but the colour pink is Bermuda's signature colour long before the Instagram. Whether you love the light pink or the pastel colour, check out these Insta-worthy places if you’re obsessedwith the colour PINK!

# The Pink Palace underwent $100 million renovations in 2016. The place is so famous, they even have a hashtag, #poseonpink.


#If you love to see a pink beach, head toward Bermuda. It is one of the beautiful pink beaches filled with pink coral sand.


# It is hard to catch the bad sunset in Bermuda. You can keep it simple and watch the mesmerizing sunset from the harbor in Hamilton. At Abbot’s Cliff, you can catch the sky light up in a riot of Pink most of the nights.


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