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An Affair with Pink Chocolate

Close your eyes and think about the goodness of Cocoa and try not to drool, girls. Automatically you'll imagine about the bright golden colour wrapper and the goodness wrapped inside the paper. Since the creation of white chocolate, the world has consumed the absolute supremacy and they simply can't stop consuming more. Be it Dark, milky or white there's no doubt, chocolate has a high level of comforting ability. Chocolate is our best friend right after Diamonds. Isn’t it?

If you go through history, you will get to know that chocolate which is the oldest candy of the world was discovered over 2,000 years ago and it has something new to offer. Here comes the good part, now you can get a new type of Chocolate which is “Pink” in colour. It took 13 long years for Berry Callebaut to come up with the right texture and mix-up to present in front of the customers and the wait is love. Pink Chocolate already in the market shelve. The new millennial food, the Ruby chocolate is now slowly taking the social medium and it is really hard to keep calm. All we want is to devour the goodness.

Callebaut only hopes that the pink chocolate would become as popular as the dark, white and milky chocolates in near future.

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